Our services include:

General Contracting

Project Management 

Project Evaluation

Home Remodel and Repair

Home Addition

Commercial Construction

Commercial Renovation

Permit Services

Assist Architects and Designers

Support Services for Rental Properties

Custom Woodwork

Custom Furniture

Deck Construction

Finish Work

Word of mouth and a handshake, our clients have much to say.

"Craig has been a godsend since moving to Bainbridge. He has built me a “catio” (yes, a cat patio), fixed and beautified my 1800 sq. ft deck, and managed many improvements in my home, like a very large, new master closet build. He is someone I trust and is always on time, which in my experience is a rare trait for a contractor. He is a great communicator and good at aesthetics with a general, get-it-done attitude. I’d recommend him for anything." —Laura Reigel

"Honest, talented and hardworking! You can feel 100% comfortable that he is doing the job and doing it right!" —Janice M. Danielson

"First of many jobs to help restore our old house is Seattle. Awesome job, very professional, and an all-around nice guy that you’d want to hang out with." —Patrick Loerch 

"Meticulous attention to detail and a flair for the functional creative, Craig and his crew cover it all!" —Janis Plume

"Craig is an awesome guy and contractor. He fixed an issue we had with our new house (there will be more!) and he was super friendly, transparent, communicative, and let me ask lots of questions (I'm a learning nerd). He was a delight to spend the day with and my husband and I are looking forward to working with him again!" —Laura McLaughlin

"Craig's great to work with, has lots of creative ideas that add value throughout the project (things you wouldn't otherwise think about), and he does fantastic work." —Ken Fox

"Honestly. Craig's work on my bathroom/shower? Amazing. What a transformation! He took a pit of despair and turned it into a bright subway tile and glass paradise. I threw some last minute changes at him? No problem. Quality workmanship and attention to detail wrapped up in the nicest, easygoing guy you'd ever meet." —Larry Weiner

"Craig and his team did an excellent job on the remodel of our duplex. His attention to detail and comprehensive overhaul of the roof, walls, and ceiling looked great and improved the value of the property." —Leah Gray

"Craig is one of the most hard working, helpful and credible guys we work with. We partner with him on a weekly basis. He is a wonderful combination of businessman, engineer, and craftsman. It's tough to be all three—YOUR next project deserves all three." —Rich Batcheller, Blackmouth Design